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Legendary Digital Studios (known formerly as Legendary Television & Digital Studios) is an American television company founded in 2013.[1][2] Legendary Digital Studios is responsible for the promotion and production of the Life is Strange digital series, alongside dj2 Entertainment.


Legendary Television & Digital Studios was established and launched in 2013, by former Legendary Entertainment executive, Bruce Rosenblum.[1][2] The division was built to produce television that could be streamed and distributed on a international scale. Legendary TV's first major series was Colony which debuted on the USA Network.

Legendary Digital Studio's first major series, Dead Rising: Watchtower, produced in association with Crackle, debuted online in March 2014 on's streaming service.[3][4]

Since then both production companies have produced and distributed over four television series, including, Syfy's The Expanse, the Netflix series Love, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, ABC's Downward Dog and The Thinning.[5]

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