Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: La Bastille Fortress
Chapter: Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Can be found: After stealing Vaughn's memories you will find yourself in a large room with two adverts for drinks right next to each other, facing you as you enter. Next to both adverts are Spammable doors, take the door on the right hand side and as you go through the door take a right, the collectable is on the desk you should now be facing.
Transcript: Protected by the artificial "Lake Saint-Louis", La Bastille fortress is one of the largest penitentiaries in Europe. The prison implements revolutionary new incarceration methods based on memory deprivation. Although these may be contested in some quarters, the results are compelling.

La Bastille fortress is a paradox; at times the focus of the fiercest criticism, while heaped with praise at others, this experimental prison has combined the constraints of physical incarceration with a flexible and ethical management of its detainees.

Prisoners are subjected to a temporary memory wipe on arrival at the prison; stripped of their memories, they have no reason to harbor feelings of violence, hatred or vengeance. Nor do they feel the need to escape, as they have forgotten the outside world even exists. Memory wiping offers them a clean mental slate on which they can reinvent themselves. It has effectively neutralized the criminal networks that tend to infect various penitentiaries.

A panoptic surveillance system enables the subdued and non-violent inmates to move freely within the prison. Another innovation is the individual cells managed by an automated hoist system that moves prisoners around without human intervention, thus reducing potential conflict situations.

However, some critics oppose the memory wiping procedures in La Bastille. Certain political factions, in particular the Errorist movement, denounce the indignity of this treatment, comparing it to brainwashing. Madame, La Bastille's prison governor, responded to her detractors in no uncertain terms, stating that the prisoners' memories are stored in memory confinement servers and returned to their owners the day they leave the prison. They have no recollection of their time at La Bastille and no escapes have ever taken place. What more could you ask of a prison?

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