La Bastille Fortress
Episode 0 02
Political information
Sovereign state


Ruling body

Astrid Voorhees
Sebastian Quaid

Other factions

S.A.B.R.E. Force

Historical information
Founded by

Mayor Eugene-Hubert Carbon
Antoine Cartier-Wells

Date founded

Unknown(Post-European Civil War)

Additional information

Cell Transfer
Memory Servers

The La Bastille is the prison of Neo-Paris, located in Deep-Paris.


The Bastille prison is built in the exact spot of the original Place de la Bastille square of history.[1] However, its one major difference is its being surrounded by water as a result of the environmental flooding. Inmates are subject to Memory wipe as opposed to just the repossession of their clothes and belongings.[1] Power grids and small box like contains are used to maintain control and imprisonment of the captured. The Madame, governor of the Bastille, watches over the prison from a tower in the center of the prison.[1]

The Bastille's floors are corresponding to the security levels and importance of the inmate's status within the prison.[1] Inmates who wear orange suits are clearly labeled criminals; Inmates whom wear green or white suits are designated patients or lab rats for experiments. All inmates are subjected to bulky white helmets that respond to the control of a Sensen user's glove, allowing them the control of their very bodies. The helmets are especially useful with captured Leapers who may prove dangerous or unruly.[1]

Events of Remember Me

This section of La Bastille Fortress requires expansion.


The design of the Bastille is full of straight sharp edges and an almost clinical design. The spherical shape of the prison's exterior is based on the original Bastille prison adapted for a circular construction; the circular construction of the Bastille is likened to that of a flower of carnivorous nature.[1]



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