Kumi Tanaka
Kumi Tanaka
Agency Photograph
Character(s) Max Caulfield
Date of Birth Mar 21, 1981[1][2]
Origin Tokyo, Japan
IMDb profile

Kumi Tanaka (たなか久美 Tanaka Kumi?) is a Japanese voice actor born in Tokyo. She provides the voice of Max Caulfield in the Japanese localization of Life Is Strange.[3][4]


Tanaka is a voice actress affiliated with Mausu Promotion. For a time, Tanaka performed under her stage name, Kawai Kumi, before defaulting to her given name. She worked as an assistant to actor Bill Murray in the Sophia Coppala film, Lost In Translation and acted an a executive producer for the film A Sky Too Far to See.

Tanaka has appeared in series as Papillon Rose, Memories Off, and Lovedol: Lovely Idol. She is likely best known for her work in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Trine 2.[5]

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