Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Kid X-Mas
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: On the park benches atop the roof before hacking Kaori Sheridan's memory.
Transcript: Ex-criminal turned bounty hunter, Kid X-Mas is one of the most popular celebrates in in Neo-Paris. In a few years the former Memory Hunter, who illegally broadcasts his shows for wannabe Memhunters, has built a financial empire to promote his own image.

Born in Boulogne in the Paris suburbs to parents who fled the North European Community during the 40-47 Civil War, young Ulf Hansen grew up in the ghettos designated for climate refugees. Intelligent and ambitious, he demonstrated a real talent for memory hacking and memoriel theft in his early teen. He started his career as a small-time thief and proceeded set the standards of hacking in the closed community of Memory Hunters. He became a striker figure in his select group under the alias Kid X-Mas, and soon established his trademark style as he promoted his spectacular thefts in the media via free broadcasting on the underground social networks.

Fueled by his super-status as a young prodigy of memo-crime and to the great delight of his fans, Kid competed in a series of contests against other Memory Hunters in live broadcasts filmed by cameras that the Kid himself had programmed to follow his every move. The viewing figures for his “X-Mas Show” continued to rise over the years until the entertainment channel, Memintact, offered him an exclusive contract to air his exploits. In return, the Kid promised to only fight criminals and people wanted by the authorities.

Since then, the young refugee from Boulogne has launched his own clothing brand, recorded two albums and set up a drop-in and rehabilitation center providing sports for disadvantaged youths.

Kid X-Mas has managed to move effortlessly into the mainstream without damaging his reputation as a pirate and bad boy, and has morphed his reputation as a pirate into an entrepreneur and showman. His critics say he rarely picks fights with Memory Hunters now because he’s frightened of betraying his lack of form. But he just smirks, reminding them that he remains unbeaten in one-on-one combat and rarely fights opponents now because they’re all locked up in La Bastille fortress. Thanks to him!

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