Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Kaori Sheridan
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: In the bedroom of the penthouse apartment near the Security Drones.
Transcript: An architect of international renown, Kaori Sheridan is responsible for “Phoenix”, a massive reconstruction project for Neo-Paris, a city badly damaged from the catastrophes and clashes it suffered during the 21st Century.

Born in 2046 in Osaka, Kaori Sheridan soon established herself as one of the greatest architects of her time. Right from her early works, she set out her vision of global urban architecture that would not sacrifice aesthetic considerations. When rebuilding cities and megacities where whole districts had been devastated by civil wars and catastrophes during the first half of the 21st Century, she retained the traditional architecture whenever possible whereas most of her competitors favored a more pragmatic approached based on energy conservation.

Invited by Neo-Paris authorizes to design a comprehensive reconstruction program for the city, Kaori Sheridan conceived the “Phoenix” project, t o be implemented over 30 years. Her emphasis on the long term attracted criticism from many refugee associations, who accused her of systematically prioritizing wealthier districts while the ghettos and insalubrious pockets like the notorious Slum 404 remained areas designated for the final phases for the program. “This is a mock trial,” said Sheridan in an interview on July 27, 2084, on the Perky Maggie Show: “I never favored the more beautiful districts; they are beautiful because I rebuilt them.”

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