Remember Me Weapons
Headache Junk Bolt
Concept art of the Spammer
Junk Bolt
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Creator Headache Tommy
Weapon Stats
Damage 200[1]
Spammer Gauge Cost 250[1]
Focus Gained 4[1]
Control Input PC Kick Junkbolt (PC), PS3 R2, Bumper right (360)
Unlocked Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit meeting up with Headache Tommy in Slum 404's Leaking Brain
Game Remember Me (video game)

The Junk Bolt is a special upgrade for the Spammer created by Headache Tommy and used by Nilin Cartier-Wells[2]. Junk Bolt acts as a type of grenade launcher utilized by through her Sensen Glove.

Official Description

"The Junk Bolt upgrades the the Spammer to allow it too strike very hard and destroy structural weaknesses in equipment and buildings. The Junk Bolt inflicts very heavy damage against enemies but consumes the entire Spammer Gauge in one shot. Despite your having to wait roughly six seconds between shots, the Junk Bolt is a valuable weapon in combat. The Junk Bolt can destroy C3 shilds in a single shot. The Junk Bolt is also useful in destroying weakened targets an in destroying Scaramechs with a single shot"
—Official Description[1]


Junk Bolt allows the Spammer to break or weaken structural formations, such as buildings or or mechanical equipment, that were inaccessible through conventional means.[2] Junk Bolt is a fairly useful weapon against Heavy Enforcers that use 3C Shields in close combat.

Junk Bolt is also fairly useful in combat against larger enemies such as the Zorn. Oppositely, Junk Bolt can be detrimental in battle against Elite Enforcers. Depending on the difficulty level of the game (Script Kiddie, Errorist Agent, Memory Hunter), Nilin can lose up to 25% to 25% and 70% of her health in battle.[3]


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