Father Joseph
Biographical Information
Species Human
Real Name
Full Name
Known Aliases
Cause of Death Killed by Jonathan E. Reid[1] (determinant)
Family Unknown
Citizenship English
Physical Description
Blood Quality Unknown
Will Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray (balding)
Career Information
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation(s) Priest at Saint Mary's Church
Relations The Reid family
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance VAMPYR
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Reid: "Monsters, Father. Do you believe in them?"
Joseph: "Troubled souls, yes. Sinners from cradle to grave. But monsters? No, my son. They don't exist."
—Jonathan Reid and Father Joseph[1]

Father Joseph is a human resident of the whitechapel district and a Priest who works at Saint Mary's Church.[1]

Official Description




Pre-Alpha Demo

Following the death of Mary Reid, Joseph oversaw her burial in the quarantined graveyard outside of the whitechapel district. After the funeral proceedings were completed, Joseph returned to the Saint Mary's Church. No long afterward, he was visited by Jonathan E. Reid, a relative of of Mary's.

When Jonathan introduced himself, Joseph recognized his last name and recounted the burial, asking if he was a relative. Jonathan confirmed that he was a indeed a relative of Mary's, but also confessed to killing her. Noting that Jonathan was distressed, Joseph invited him inside the church. Before entering the church, Jonathan asked if Joseph believed in monsters. Joseph admitted that he believed in "troubled souls" and "sinners from cradle to grave", but did not literally believe in monsters.


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