Joe Peterson
Joe Peterson
Biographical Information
Species Human
Real Name
Full Name Joe Peterson
Nicknames The Colossus
Known Aliases
Cause of Death Killed by Jonathan E. Reid (determinant)
Family Harry Peterson (son)
Citizenship English
Physical Description
Blood Quality 1,000 (healthy)[1]
Will ■■ (weak)[1]
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Career Information
Affiliations Wet Boot Boys[1]
Occupation(s) Racketeer[1]
Relations Barrett (formerly)
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance VAMPYR
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

"My boy... who'll look after him now? I tried... tried to be a good father."
—Peterson, if he is killed by Jonathan Reid.[1]

Joe Peterson is a human resident of whitechapel and the father of Harry Peterson. A member of the Wet Boot Boys, Peterson extorts residents who are in financial debt with the gang. Amoral in character and dull, Joe attempts to look after his son as best he can during the Spanish Flu epidemic that has quarantined his district.

Official Description


"Joe "The Colossus" Peterson is a member of the Wet Boot Boys used as a debt collector an extortion muscle in Whitechapel district. He shares his time between bullying the local the local merchants and taking care of his fragile son, Harry. Not a very bright person, he just earns money with the only thing nature gave him: a strong body and tough skull. Nevertheless, he tries to help his son, even if he does not have a clue how to do things right."


Pre-Alpha Demo

During Jonathan E. Reid's journey through Whitechapel to reach Saint Mary's Church, he spied Peterson hassling a local shop owner, Barrett, who owed money to the Wet Boot Boys. Peterson tried to pressure Barrett into paying him now.

Barrett pleaded with Peterson to give him more time and tried to leverage the fact that they were once neighbors. Peterson backed off and departed with warning that Barrett would pay the gang one way or the other.

Deciding to follow him, Reid approached Peterson to speak with him. Peterson brushed him off, assuming he was a journalist. Reid introduced himself as a doctor and told him he had a locked box that would possibly interest him. Peterson assumed the box contained pictures of pictures of his son and declared he would take it from him. When Reid suggested that he could tend to Peterson's son if he was ill, Peterson rejected the idea, suspicious of Reid.

Before he can depart, Reid uses his powers of persuasion to take control of Peterson and leads him into a secluded area where he kills him. Before he dies, Peterson laments the fact that his death will leave his son fatherless and with no one to look after him.

The outcome of Peterson's death allows Barrett to continue to prosper with his shop, but his death will drive Harry to run away from Whitechapel.

Events of VAMPYR





Joe Peterson is one of fifty known characters that Jonathan Reid will encounter during the events of the game. Like the other fifty characters, how the player interacts with Peterson will have in consequences that will effect him and his personal relationships. Investigation through conversation with other characters and the environment will reveal important clues about the character.[1]


  • Barrett - Barrett is a former neighbor of Peterson's and a local shopkeeper in the district of Whitechapel. Depending on the choices of the player Barrett may survive to act a local shopkeeper for the player purchase items from. Barrett may also be killed by the player.[1]
  • Harry Peterson - Harry Peterson is the son of Peterson. Harry's fate is contingent on who the player interacts with first. Harry can be killed around some point after meeting with Peterson, or can be spared if the player chooses to kill Peterson himself.[1]


  • Clue #1: Rackets Whitechapel merchants for the Wet Boot Gang.[1]
  • Clue #2:
  • Clue #3: Tried for months to get a decent job.[1]
  • Clue #4: