Mark Entry

Mark Jefferson's introduction page.

Jefferson is the introduction entry for Mark Jefferson, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked by default in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

Mark Jefferson

Not only is Mark Jefferson one of the best photographers in the world, he’s also my teacher. And one of the reasons I wanted to come to Blackwell. How often do you get to be mentored by one of your inspirations? I’ve always loved his deco and goth style and he’s so versatile with all of his incredible print and advertising work. Still, Jefferson can be a bit condescending. He’s pretty hip for his age, but kinda aloof and sometimes pretentious. He has this smug smile when he thinks he’s right…

But I do think he’s preparing us for how tough it is to be a full time “artist”. He acts like he understands my own work and obsession with analog images.

He really wants me to enter a photo in this “Everyday Hero” contest but I’ve done a good job of avoiding that. The winner gets to fly to San Francisco to represent Blackwell Academy and get national exposure. I’d like to think my work could be good enough to win and I’m honored Jefferson even bugs me about the contest.


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