Remember Me Weapons
Sensen Glove
Nilin's Hunt Glove
Hunt Glove (Weapon)
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Charles Cartier-Wells
Kid X-Mas
Bad Request
Sebastian Quaid
Origin Sensen
Creator Antoine Cartier-Wells
Weapon Stats
Control Input Varying (depending on weapon)
Unlocked Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech, by default when player reunites with Headache Tommy at the Leaking Brain in Slum 404
Game Remember Me (video game)

The Sensen glove (or Hunt Glove[1]), is a type of specialized glove used by Neo-Paris citizens and consumers of Memorize's Sensen technology to manipulate their environment and possibly other people's Senwalls.


Sensen gloves can be used for various applications associated with Memorize's technology, be it for medical, law enforcement or leisurely purposes. Among Memory hunters, the Sensen glove, depending on its user, is extremely useful in the act of stealing memories.

Sensen gloves can be customized to suit the purposes of their users. Remixers, such as Charles and Nilin Cartier-Wells, use the Sensen Glove as an application to manipulate or erase the memories of others.[2][3]

Personalized Customizations



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