Type: Technology
Subject: Hunt Glove
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: Behind the red boat on the lower walkway in the floating market
Transcript: The hunt glove is the favorite weapon of the "Memory Hunters," a small band of criminals who emerged in the late 2060s and perfected the art of stealing memories from other people. Many debates and theories persist regarding the origin and mastery of this particular tool.

The Memory Hunters' (or "memhunters"') weapon of choice. the hunt glove allows them to break the Sensen security mechanisms of their target undetected. The glove establishes brief but deep contact with the electronic matrix containing the victim's digitized memories, enabling them to steal memories.

However, memoriel theft requires more than just a hunt glove; special cerebral attributes are required to control it, without which it would be impossible. The user is as important as the tool itself, and it is estimated that fewer than one in 10,000 people have the skills required to be a Memory Hunter.

Kid X-Mas, one of the most famous reformed memhunters, revealed in his "X-Mas Show" that a true Memory Hunter can calibrate and personalize his hunt glove to create a unique tool to match his cerebral profile. Kid reckons that the level of personalization will often decide the outcome in a duel between two Memory Hunters.

But the true origin of hunt gloves remains obscure, and the mystery has given rise to numerous rumors. What seems beyond any doubt is that the manufacturer of these objects, true technological gems, is way beyond the normal scope of the criminal fraternity. Some say it was the work of a renegade from the Memorize research units, and that the tool, originally designed by and for the intelligence and counter-espionage agencies, was "leaked" into the criminal underworld. The popular myth of a single creator of the glove hidden away in a secret lab is most likely part of the urban folklore in the age of the Sensen.

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