Harry Aaron Prescott
Harry Aaron Prescott Profile
Biographical Information
Name Harry Aaron Prescott
Real Name
Full Name Harry Aaron Prescott
Known Aliases
Cause of Death

Martin Lewis Prescott (relative)
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Sean Prescott (relative)
Nathan Prescott (relative)
Kristine Prescott (relative)

Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color
Hair Color
Career Information
Occupation(s) Member of the Prescott family businesses
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 4: Dark Room" (mentioned)[1]
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Harry Aaron Prescott is a member of the Prescott Family.[1]


Pre-Game Events

Harry Aaron Prescott is presumably a key figure in the foundation of the Prescott Family's major enterprises in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. At some point during Arcadia Bay, Henry and the Prescott family donated a library to the small town. In addition, he founded the Prescott Industries and profited from the bomb shelter boom, establishing them in Arcadia Bay. On the outskirts of town Harry had an a barn built.

"Dark Room"

During Max Caulfield and Chloe Price's investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the abduction of Kate Marsh by Nathan Prescott, they used information compiled by David Madsen.

Madsen, who had tailing Chloe, Nathan and Mark Jefferson for answers about the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the "drug ring" circulating around Blackwell Academy's Vortex Club, tailed either Nathan or Jefferson to the old Prescott Barn On September 30, 2013 and October 3 and October 4, 2013 from the times 9:31PM, 5:42AM and 10:56PM.

Max presented the information a dubious Chloe, who believed the coordinates to barn would lead them nowhere until she learned the barn was owned Harry Aaron Prescott. The two travel to the barn and later discover a bomb shelter that was commissioned by Sean Prescott.



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