Type: Neo-Paris history
Subject: Collapse of world production in 2020 (a.k.a. Global production spike)
Chapter: Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Can be found: Shortly after Focus Boost 1 you will find yourself in large room using a turbine to provide light to fight leapers. Once you have defeated them, instead of going up the pole the game hints you towards go instead to the corner of the room with a large number eight in it. Next to this eight is a white bar that Nilin can climb. Do so, and follow the path upwards to reveal a secret corridor above the room you were just fighting in, the collectable is at the end of this corridor.
Transcript: The global crisis had continued to weaken meta-economic structures since the late 20th century, and reached breaking point in 2020. Unable to agree to the terms of a controlled decline, the nations of the world suffered the brutal effects of a massive collapse in production.

The economic crisis had grown systemic since the late 20th century, and profits from the manufacturing sector had declined since 2014 despite a steady reduction in labor costs. As a consequence, over nine-tenths of the world’s wealth was virtual, mainly comprising financial derivatives. Aggravated by the ecological and energy crises, this process continued and broke down completely in 2020 when there was not enough "real" economy left to sustain a world of wild, speculative trading. The downward spiral continued during subsequent years, and never again would the world’s industries produce as much wealth or abundance of goods.

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2051, Professor Linus Åkerfeldt from the University of Stockholm was the first to call it, ironically: the "global production spike". The term would come to define this pivotal year, which heralded the great catastrophes of the first half of the 21st century.

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