Frank Entry

Frank's introduction page.

Frank is the introductory entry for Frank Bowers, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked after the confrontation with Frank in "Episode 2: Out of Time". [1]


I'll never forget Frank—if only because he's the first and last person I will ever aim a gun at. How did Chloe end up in this sketchy drug dealer's orbit? The weird thing is that when I first saw him threatening Chloe in the junkyard, I was more shocked how un-creepy he looked. I expected some try-hard gangster, but he looked more like a dumpster diving troll. Which I guess he kinda is since we were on his turf, testing out my rewind skills for Chloe's amusement.

Though he didn't look like a serial killer, his vibe (aura, energy, whateva) was BAD. I could literally feel the hair on my arms prickling. He wanted the money Chloe owed him, so it didn't make sense he would hurt her but I wasn't going to take a chance... So yes, I actually threatened him with David's gun. Ridiculous. Fortunately none of us ended up like "Reservoir Dogs" and I saw that maybe Frank isn't as scary as I thought.

But I don't want Chloe near him EVER again. Since he was wearing one of Rachel Amber's bracelets for WTF reasons, I doubt Chloe will partying with him anymore. But he's at the top of our suspect list now...


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