Type: Neo-Paris history
Subject: Neo-Paris
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: After Edge instructs you to go and find "Headache Tommy" there is a small platforming section, after the part where you are instructed to drop from the ledge, it is on your right when you are facing the next wall you need to climb.
Transcript: September 9-12, 2047: several "Tremora" seismic bombs laid waste to half of Paris. The catastrophe marked the end of the European civil war and triggered a longer period of suffering and deprivation for the survivors trapped in a city pockmarked by craters from explosions.

The local authorities were tempted to abandon the city during the five years after the destruction of Paris. The old capital had become a ghost town since the fall of the French government in 2041 and the municipal council was the only legitimate governing body. Paris was declared a free city in spring 2048, and gangs and looters ruled the streets. 2052: after two years of negotiations, Mayor Eugène-Hubert Carbon managed to persuade the great entrepreneur, Antoine Cartier-Wells, to move the head office of Memorize back to the city where he had founded his company 40 years earlier. The announcement that this most famous and profitable company was returning to Paris gave the ravaged city renewed hope for the future. A massive rehabilitation project of the ex-capital was launched the following year, and the founding of Neo-Paris was announced.

Two factors would ensure the success of the project: the SAFFE (Security and Freedom for Everyone) program generated a global topological map of the city devastated by bombs, and carried out a systematic survey of the remaining buildings and structures. Those impossible to rebuild were preserved to create an AVR (Augmented Vertical Reconstruction) plan to "build the city on the city" and skyscrapers appeared in the urban landscape of Paris for the first time.

The second was the "Meriphérique", a huge dam around the city designed to protect it from outside attacks and to channel transport and trade into the city via canals and water channels linking the different districts.

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