Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: Memorize, Sensen
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: After Sat Patch 1 there is a fight in a small square area, following this fight you climb to a platform illuminated by red light. At the end of this platform, instead of jumping to the next, take a right and follow the platform round to a hidden collectable.
Transcript: Antoine Cartier-Wells, born in 1984, neuroscientist, mathematician and humanist, was fascinated by the idea of thought sharing as a cure for hatred and violence. In 2012 he founded Memorize, a small company set up to investigate neural interfaces that enabled sensations, feelings and thoughts to be shared for short periods of time.

In the early part of the 21st century his research resulted in Direct Neural Interfaces (DNI) and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI). He theorized that the synthesis of these sciences would enable a direct exchange between a brain and a machine (computer, electronic or robotic prosthesis). At this stage the DNI applications operated on a 1-1 mode (one person connected to one machine). Antoine Cartier-Wells wanted to experiment with more powerful interfaces based on an X-1 mode (several people connected to one machine) and X-X (several people communicating via a number of machines).

In late 2009 Antoine Cartier-Wells began connecting DNIs to complex mathematical systems designed to optimize the networks in a totally new way. This approach quickly proved successful, and in June 2012 he transmitted a mental image between two members of his team via a control machine.

After publishing his results, he was suddenly caught in the crossfire between science and industry; two individuals could use his technology to share their sensations in real time! The market was potentially massive with a ride range of applications; medical rehabilitation (quadriplegia and aphasia), neuroscience, and any activity where speed of thought transmission was crucial. But Antoine Cartier-Wells decided to apply his invention to next gen social networks, and his prime objective was still communication between people free of words and speech. And in time, maybe they could even share their memories.

On December 19, 2012 Antoine Cartier-Wells announced the creation of a startup to produce applications for sharing thoughts and feelings, and "Memorize" was born.

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