Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: First military application of Sensen
Chapter: Episode 5: Headshot
Can be found: After leaving the blue corridor and climbing your way to a pipe slide down the pipe and climb along the ledges at the bottom until you make your way into a red(ish) corridor with an off shoot to the left labelled the commercial area. This 'Commercial Area' is full of sets of stools, You will find the collectable on one of the stools in the set at the back, right hand side, of the room.
Transcript: Real-time sharing of tactical information has always been the dream of the great strategists and generals. Despite the persistent aim of Memorize to restrict development of its inventions to civilian programs, it has been proved that applications based on the Sensen technology have been deployed in military operational zones for the last 25 years. The program known as "F&F-63" is a blatant example of this.

Military personnel quickly realized how thought sharing technology could be applied to their combat activities. The release of the Sensen in 2059 and the subsequent digitization of memory in 2064 immediately offered much greater potential. Evidence has emerged of widespread testing of numerous Sensen applications in the late stages of the war between Canada and the Russian Federation (in the mid-2060s) and, more generally, throughout the regional conflict for control of the Arctic Ocean. "F&F-63" is notable among these programs, many of which were never made public, and is a psychological assistance program for infantry soldiers. F&F-63 wiped horrific or disturbing memories from the minds of soldiers and restored their mental equilibrium in near real time. The program was also of strategic interest, because it backed up the soldier's memory, including traumatic memories, during the active phase, which their superior officers could consult and analyze at a later date.

Remember that since it was founded, Memorize had always refused to carry out or endorse military programs based on its technology. Successive Memorize CEOs, Antoine and Scylla Cartier-Wells, were permanently poised to take legal proceedings against any authorities who developed such programs. However, it must be noted that Sensen's military applications have continued to proliferate over the last 20 years.

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