Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: Sensen safety
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: After the section where you run away from falling platforms you will find yourself on a ladder, go down to the bottom of the ladder and drop to the ledge below then shimmy along this ledge, jump to the next platform along (the one with the big red sign), shimmy along a little more than drop down to the ledge below, Then continue to shimmy and until you can pull yourself up onto a platform where the collectable is.
Transcript: Despite the gravity of the incident, the media provided little coverage on what became known as the “Nanjing HP4” incident. However, this appears to be the first proven case of a large-scale memoriel accident, demonstrating that, contrary to what the official statements from Memorize would have us believe, Sensen technology is far from safe.

The authorities have vehemently denied the extent of the risk to the population posed by the artifacts of digital memory. The power of the Sensen in the economy is now clearly so great that any minor criticisms are ignored by our leaders and the news channels, except when they are dismissed with cynical contempt.

The Nanjing HP4 incident is evidence of this policy of silence and treacherous compromise. Towards the end of the 2070s, independent observers reported a serious memoriel accident in China in the town of Nanjing (Jiangsu Province). It is still difficult to ascertain the precise date of this dramatic incident, but the catastrophe resulted in a copy of the memory bank of psychiatric hospital no. 4 in the Nanjing suburbs being released into a civilian memory bank. No field studies have yet been carried out to our knowledge, but an estimated 190,000 citizens were contaminated by pathological memories. The local authorities implemented an emergency wiping program, which was supposed to have cured 97% of the victims (this glib estimate is unconvincing, as confirmed by the sharp rise in suicides and crimes recorded in the region!).

We would probably have never been reminded of this tragedy, were it not for the serious health consequences visible throughout the town of Nanjing and the number of victims, which made any attempts at a cover-up impossible.

When questioned, the Memorize officials blamed the accident on the improper use of the memory saving technology by a Chinese company that didn’t own a legal license to operate large-scale memory copying. The Memorize press release stated the “appalling consequences of a technological deterioration” and used the opportunity to reassure users that its “source products” were completely safe.

What the Nanjing HP4 case does prove is that catastrophic memory accidents are possible. Despite their reassuring press releases, Memorize is risking the mental health of the global population in ways that could have terrible consequences for us all. Contrary to what the company would like us to believe, Memorize is not a philanthropic enterprise, but an extremely powerful multinational that has the most extensive and insidious intel on data mining and individual profiling imaginable. It is now time to remember!

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