Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: Sensen
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: After shimmying along a changing sign, and climbing a pole you will vault a glass panel and be faced with entering a building. Before you enter turn to your right and walk under an archway into an alcove where the collectable is in the middle of the floor.
Transcript: In 2059 Charles Cartier-Wells experimented at Memorize with a next generation Direct Neural Interface prototype, the "sensation engine" or "Sensen".

In spring, 2059, the research team headed by Charles Cartier-Wells, son of the founder of Memorize, carried out a successful experiment with a thought sharing prototype comprising of three vital technological upgrades:

- connection by implant (no computer), - a network of 20 directly connected individuals that could transmit, receive and share their sensations direct, - the possibility of personalizing (received) mental perceptions.

The experimental device was dubbed by its creators the "sensation engine" or "Sensen".

Although still in its experimental stage, the Sensen already offered significant advantages; the implant gave the user total autonomy; he could be mobile and permanently wired. The chip contained algorithms allowing transmissions in network mode with no saturation or loss of signal. Plugging the chip directly into the spinal cord tissue increased the speed, quality and power of the neural interface. People could therefore use the Sensen to customize their perceptions and adjust their settings to remodel the sensations and information received by the brain in real time. Later, more sophisticated versions of the Sensen would even develop this personalization feature based on the user’s behavior, allowing the features of the Sensen and the wearer’s personality to morph in harmony, even if the wearer had not actively operated the personalization function.

Launched commercially in 2060, the Sensen was received enthusiastically by loyal clients of Memorize, but it would be a few years before the digitization of the human memory would become a real social phenomenon.

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