Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: Sensen's usage by the public
Chapter: Episode 6: Rotten Core
Can be found: On a glowing blue table at the end of the path of medical chairs, immediately before the door that recognizes Nilin.
Transcript: Once the Sensen was launched on the market, the demand for specific applications was overwhelming. Responding to social demand and a collective psychological need, Memorize focused its research on memory storage, and the memory bank opened in 2066, the first publicly available civilian application.

From the beginning of the age of the Sensen, the most popular process was memory backup. Some clients wanted to keep their valuable memories safe, while others wanted to discard embarrassing, guilty or painful recollections. Many of them had suffered cruelly during the European civil war and still bore the scars. Some could also use the Sensen to forget or erase specific errors or sufferings and reinvent themselves, while others wanted to be reborn and start over. Certain observers of technological consumer trends compared this craze to the tidal wave of TV and cellphones which had also taken just a few years to become the norm.

Memorize created the first memory bank in 2066 to respond to this tangible and urgent need in a post-war society. Scylla Cartier-Wells assumed overall control of the company and, not surprisingly, appointed her husband as the scientific project leader. Charles Cartier-Wells designed a working solution in less than three weeks. He was convinced that traditional digital storage would be both ineffective and insufficient for saving large volumes of "memory pathways". So he decided to use the prototype memoriel network, H3O, with a substantially enhanced physical framework (equivalent to hundreds of servers). The first tests confirmed the virtually infinite capacity of this new supercomputer. Public pressure was so strong and the lab results so convincing, that Memorize rushed the H3O into operation. H3O would not be limited to running a memory bank for Sensen users; due to its high level of performance, Scylla Cartier-Wells decided to use it as the Memorize central server that same year.

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