Elisabeth Ashbury
Lady Ashbury
Biographical Information
Species Human (formerly)
Vampire (Ekon)
Real Name Elisabeth Samantha Mary Englewood
Full Name Elisabeth Ashbury
Nicknames Lady Ashbury, Lady Blackwood
Known Aliases
Born 1551 (16th Century)
Died By William Marshal (human)
By herself (vampire) (determinant)
Cause of Death Sired by William Marshal (human) (assumed)
Burns herself to death (vampire) (determinant)
Age (27/367)
Family Charlotte Ashbury (adoptive daughter)
Citizenship English
Physical Description
Blood Quality
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Career Information
Occupation(s) Aristocrat
Allies Jonathan Reid
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance VAMPYR
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

"I came to give you a warning, my dear."
—Ashbury to Jonathan Reid[1]

Lady Elisabeth Ashbury is a vampire resident of whitechapel.[1] A centuries old vampire, she befriends a recently turned Jonathan Reid, who struggles with the baser impulse of his vamprism.


Pre-Alpha Demo

Following the death of the young girl, named Mary, Ashbury approached Reid, who watched the burial of the child from a distance. Overhearing his questions regarding his humanity, Ashbury implored that Reid tend to his emotional distress and confess his "sin" in order to clear his conscience.[1]

Reid refuses to hear her console, deflecting her concern with sarcasm. Ashbury reminded him that he was not heartless, but afraid of being free with his feelings because of his hunger for blood and the fear of losing self-control.[1]

While Reid admitted she was not wrong, Ashbury again warned him he was at risk of becoming the monster he hated. Before departing, Ashbury directed him toward the Saint Mary's Church, believing it was the best place for him be in his present state of mind.[1]

Early Life

Events of VAMPYR

Elisabeth is first introduced in the pub at the beginning of the game, though only her voice is heard and she is not seen until later in the intro when she saves Jonathan from a Skal. Realizing that she too is a vampire, Jonathan asks her for assistance with his new condition, but she vanishes. Doctor Swansea later reveals that her name is Ashbury, and that she is a prominent benefactor of the Pembroke Hospital before directing Jonathan to assist her with a personal matter. Upon speaking with her, she formally introduces herself as Lady Ashbury and explains her situation to Jonathan: her visits to patients at Pembroke coincide with their deaths, and now someone is using this information to blackmail her. Ashbury enlists Jonathan’s help in finding the culprit, promising to answer any questions he has about vampires once he has completed his task.