Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Edge, Errorists
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: Beyond the ladder on the lower level of the floating market.
Transcript: Initially considered merely another radical agitator, the mysterious Edge quickly became the leader of the most dangerous criminal organization in the Sensen era. His credo: to use technology he denounced to expose its lethal dangers. He remained the only Errorist still at large after the dismantling of his movement.

Founder and leader of the Errorists, Edge is the most mysterious and media-savvy celebrity in Neo-Paris. The S.A.B.R.E. Force has perused him relentlessly for years, yet he eludes capture and continues to broadcast public messages to justify his actions. Edge continues to incite popular hatred for what he calls “criminal amnesia” even though his fellow memories have been arrested and his organization dismantled.

Many theories abound regarding the identity of the Errorist leader; it is widely believed he’s a climate refugee operating from a mobile HQ outside the Meriphérique. This accounts for why he was the only member to avoid the wave of arrests ordered against his movement.

Since its formation in 2068, the movement has mainly carried out data theft; piracy and material sabotage for propaganda purposes. Edge and his agents were blamed for the death of Frank Forlan, the S.A.B.R.E. Force commander who died under suspicious circumstances. Forlan’s death prompted the hunt and arrest of all Errorist members. Only Edge, the founder, has evaded the dragnet that called an abrupt halt to the organizations activities.

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