The Deer

The Doe in Max's vision of the storm.

The Doe appears during Max Caulfield's vision of the Storm of October 11, 2013 in the first episode of Life Is Strange, "Chrysalis".[1] The doe is believed to be a personification of Rachel Amber's soul.[2]


When Max experiences her "vision" of the storm that she believes will destroy Arcadia Bay, she encounters a doe in the storm. She follows the doe up the trail. She avoids environmental hazards such as falling rocks, boulders and trees knocked down by the storm.

When she reaches the top of the trail and advances toward the cliff the doe leads her toward a newspaper from the Independent. The news paper provided the date of the storm, October 11, 2013.[1]

The following day, October 8, 2013, Max discusses her seeing the doe with Samuel, Blackwell Academy's janitor. Though she excludes the details of her sighting, Samuel believes that what Max saw was her "Spirit Animal".[3]

When in the junkyard with Chloe Price, Max spots the doe from her vision during her search for bottles for Chloe to shoot. The doe stands on the shallow grave where Rachel Amber was buried by Mark Jefferson.[2] Approaching it slowly, Max manages to take a photograph of the doe before it runs away from her.[3]

On October 10, 2013, Max and Chloe discover the Dark Room where Rachel and Kate Marsh were taken by Mark Jefferson and Nathan Prescott. Chloe deduces the setting of Rachel's final photograph in the junkyard. When they arrive and unearth her body from a shallow grave, the doe watches the two from a distance before fading out of sight.[2]



In popular culture in the west, the idea of a "Spirit Animal" is a misconstrued one adopted from the western study and appropriation of one or more Native American spiritual cultures, such as the type practiced by the Metis-Anishinaabe.[4] Outside of the western perspective, deer are represented in numerous mythologies around the world.

Celts believe deer were deities in disguise.[5] Deers in ancient an modern cultures, particularly in artwork, typically represent strength or sacrifice of the innocent in rituals. Male deers, stags, are usually represented by heraldry. A popular representation of a stag in fiction is that Harry Potter's Patronus charm.[6]

Life Is Strange

Does are represented in Life Is Strange by visual motifs. Max's pink shirt in the first episode reads "Jane Doe" with the white silhouette of a doe representing the word "doe"[1]; in the second episode, she wears a white shirt with the image of a doe on the chest of the shirt.[3]

In the basement of the Price household, David Madsen's hunting lifestyle is revealed through a photograph of him posing with a dead deer and the head of a deer mantled on the wall.[1] Samuel is of the mind that the doe that Max saw in the first episode is her guide, as he believes a squirrel is his.[3]


  • If the player attempts to rewind the segment where the doe first appears in the junkyard, Max will comment that that the rewind does not affect the doe, who remains in the last place it stopped prior the rewind.[3]
  • When you check the photograph Max takes of the doe in "Out of Time", the doe is not in the photograph.[3]





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