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dj2 Entertainment (also known as dj2) is a transmedia production company. dj2 is responsible for the production of the Life is Strange digital series, alongside Legendary Digital Studios.


dj2 Entertainment is a transmedia production company creates external and internal content for social media, printed media, television, film, video game, website and mobile outlets. This output includes, but is not limited to, special and practical effects and props. dj2 was founded by Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons, who've previously worked with major companies such as Sony, Fox and Microsoft.

One of their earliest projects was working as a production company for a live action tie-in for the 2012 video game, Hawken.[1][2] While live action trailers were produced[3][4], the live action series never came to be.[5]

They worked the animated arcade game, Skulls of the Shogun, developed for Xbox 360 and Microsoft platforms in 2013 and produced a live action trailer for the video game Nether.[6] In 2014 they worked on Rubicon: The Beginning, a live action webseries for the graphic novel Rubicon, written by Mark Long, Dan Capel and Christopher McQuarrie.[7][8]

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