Type: Neo-Paris History
Subject: Deluge 2.0
Chapter: Episode 7: Paradise Lost
Can be found: Inside the room of apartment 205 with the fire exit accessible after defeating two Elite Enforcers.
Transcript: Contrary to popular belief hyped by the media, it wasn't the rising waters but the violent storms caused by global warming that triggered the long-forecast humanitarian and ecological disasters. Dubbed "Deluge 2.0", the catastrophe ravaged the planet from spring, 2038.

Up until 2038, 60% of the world's population had lived along the coastal regions and land bordering the rich seaboards. These areas had the most fertile alluvial soils, extensive maritime trade via its mega ports and residential and tourist sites that served the industrialized countries.

The melting of the glaciers had started in the late 20th century; although this phenomenon had been anticipated and had awakened public awareness, the expansion of the ocean masses resulting from global warming was tragically unforeseen. The swelling of the great seas resulted in perpetual storms and hurricanes that triggered further climatic catastrophes and the collapse of entire infrastructures. Some European cities had less than 10 days without rain during the whole of 2038.

Governments failed to cope with the constant disasters resulting from landslides, floods, and torrential rain, breakdowns in communication networks and energy distribution and nuclear accidents. Plagued by disorganization, famine, fear and rising water levels, whole regions went into meltdown. Now called "climate refugees", the populations in these areas boarded floating city ships and skiffs in their millions, fleeing land that was either arid or submerged. In a few short months, communications and travel across all continents had been reduced to the level of a pre-industrial era.

The 2035 census estimated a world population of 9 billion; 10 years later it was thought at least half that number had perished.

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