David Madsen Entry

David Madsen Introduction page.

David is the introduction entry for David Madsen, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked after meeting Officer Madsen in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

David Madsen

Whoa, I swear that security guard is the biggest ass here. And that’s saying a lot. He always treats everybody like they’ve committed a crime or they’re about to commit one. He grilled me in the hall today and I thought he was going to arrest me. I don’t know much about him but I heard he was kicked out of the army or something.

So of course he would end up at Blackwell Academy in charge of security. Aren’t you supposed to feel, I don’t know, SECURE, on campus?

Bro-dude swaggers everywhere with that badge and gun like he’s looking to tase somebody. He would make a good photo portrait of authority though. Who does a guy like that marry? I feel sorry for his family. It would be like living in a barracks. Shudder. Just another person I have to avoid at Blackwell. Collect ‘em all.


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