Dark Room
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The Dark Room is a state-of-the-art underground bunker hidden underneath an old barn owned by Harry Aaron Prescott.



Events of Life Is Strange

It is where drugged victims, such as Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh, were taken to in order to be photographed by Mark Jefferson. A "Stormbreaker Bunker" built by Howard Roark Construction for a full estimate of $1,350,650.00 (the contract having been signed by Sean Prescott), it contains a high tech photographic studio with expensive equipment.


  • A Dark Room (traditionally spelled "Darkroom")is a room used to develop "light sensitive photographic materials, including photographic film and photographic paper". **"Dark Room" also refers to a dark lit room where sexual acts take place in clubs. The latter terminology is often associated with sexual acts between individuals in the LGBT community.[1]
  • "Howard Roark Construction" is a reference to the protagonist of the same name from the Ayn Rand novel "The Fountainhead". Roark in the novel is an architect known for his original and outside-the-box architectural designs.



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