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Welcome to the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki, your premiere source for video games developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. This Wikia strives to offer fans and newcomers alike accurate information regarding Dontnod Entertainment video games, ranging from the title release and its transmedia releases. Users and fans wishing to contribute to this encyclopedia, please don't hesitate to expand or create articles. Our database currently contains 528 articles and 2,607 images. Join the Wiki to keep track of the most recent changes and news as it becomes available.
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Life is Strange Logo (2)

Life Is Strange is a multiplatform game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The game was released on the XBox One on January 29, 2015 and the PC via Steam and other online retail sites for PC Gaming on Janurary 30, 2015. It's release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network was delayed until February 3, 2015 on account of technical problems. Life Is Strange follows the exploits of 18-year old Max Caulfield, a high school student who learns she has the power rewind time when she saves her childhood friend, Chloe Price, from being killed. Read More

About DONTNOD Entertainment

Dontnod Entertainment (stylized DONTNOD Entertainment) is a independent developer based in Paris, France. The company was co-founded by Hervé Bonin, Aleksi Briclot, Alain Damasio, Oskar Guilbert and Jean-Maxime Moris in June 2008 along with other ex-Criterion, Ubisoft and EA staff. They are best known for their debut title, Remember Me and the 2015 adventure game, Life Is Strange. [Read More]

Featured Character
Max Alternate Profile
Maxine Caulfield is the alternate counterpart of the original Max Caulfield. She was created when the original Max Caulfield traveled back in time to 2008 and prevented the death of William Price, which resulted in a divergence from the original timeline.

The childhood friend of Chloe Price, Maxine moved to Seattle with her parents and later returned to her hometown of Arcadia Bay in 2013 to attend Blackwell Academy.

She is a member of the Vortex Club and friends with its primary members. Because the circumstance of the original Timeline never came to pass, she does not posses the ability to manipulate time. [Read More]

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VAMPYR E3 2016 Trailer (2017) PS4, Xbox One, PC01:56

VAMPYR E3 2016 Trailer (2017) PS4, Xbox One, PC

Life is Strange - Episode 1 is Now Free01:13

Life is Strange - Episode 1 is Now Free

Life Is Strange Episode Guide

Previous Episode
"Dark Room"
July 28, 2015

Last Episode
October 20, 2015

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