This article is about the alternate timeline's Courtney. You may be looking for the original time's Courtney Wagner.

Courtney Wagner (Alternate)
Courtney Alternate Profile
Biographical Information
Name Courtney Wagner (Alternate)
Real Name
Full Name Courtney Wagner (Alternate)
Known Aliases
Born Los Angeles, California[note 1]
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Career Information
Affiliations Vortex Club member
Occupation(s) Student at Blackwell Academy
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 3: Chaos Theory"[1]
Last Appearance "Episode 3: Chaos Theory"
Voice Actors Hannah Telle (unconfirmed)
Motion Capture

Courtney Wagner is the alternate counterpart of the original Courtney Wagner. She was created when the original Max Caulfield traveled back in time to 2008 and prevented the death of William Price, which resulted in a divergence from the original timeline. [1] Courtney is still a member of the Vortex Club, but is not a close friend of Maxine Caulfield[2] despite circumstance of the original Timeline that never came to pass.


Early Life

Like several other members of the Vortex Club, Courtney's life presumably little changed from that of the original Courtney Wagner. However, unlike her original counterpart, Courtney appeared to hold no general affection for Maxine Caulfield, a photographer and friend of Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott. While most of the core members agreed to the idea of allowing Maxine to join their group, Courtney argued against it, presumably on the basis that she didn’t like Maxine.[1]

Events of Life Is Strange

After Max prevents Chloe Price's father, William, from dying in a car accident, she alters the timeline of her present. While Max is regaining her composure in Maxine Caulfield's body, Courtney speaks with the other members of the club. She mentions that her friends in Los Angeles told her that Oregon was supposed to be "wet and cold everyday" and goes on to compare people living in Oregon to those who live in California.

When Victoria and Taylor Christensen take notice of Max's odd behavior, Courtney disdainfully remarks that they shouldn't have let Maxine join the Vortex Club. Taylor makes a point of mentioning Courtney never wanted anyone in the club, but Courtney dismisses her remark.


  1. Courtney's off-screen discussion of her friends in Los Angeles suggest that she originally lived there and is not a born resident of Arcadia Bay.