Type: Neo-Paris history
Subject: Climate migration
Chapter: Episode 5: Headshot
Can be found: In the corridor where you encounter your first Elite Enforcer, once you have defeated them open the glass panel doors on the right hand side of the corridor and head to the bar stools on the right hand side of this room, the collectable is on the table by these bar stools.
Transcript: This contribution was considered biased by the majority of viewers.

A constant stream of climate migrants flocked to the borders and fortress boundaries of habitable areas. Migrants fleeing the devastated, flooded and arid areas were easy prey for looters and organized crime networks, and today between 500 million and 1 billion human beings are destitute. The number of stateless persons with no safe haven began to increase dramatically in 2038: ship cities sailed around aimlessly, bound for nowhere. Refugee camps were full of the poorest people, nomadic micro-states appeared, and shanty towns sprang up in red areas (toxic waste landfill sites and contaminated military zones). Most nations built or reinforced their defensive walls and structures, and erected coastal protection facilities to hold back the human tide. This happened in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and in the European countries where legitimate governments were still clinging to power.

The city states that had been spared or rebuilt after the civil war relocated their citizens, creating ghettos and human wastelands on the periphery of their territories: vast, lawless areas teeming with foreign nationals, illegal immigrants and the most deprived of all humanity.

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