Claudine Cartier-Wells
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Biographical Information
Name Claudine Cartier-Wells
Real Name
Full Name Claudine Cartier-Wells
Known Aliases
Cause of Death
Family Charles Cartier-Wells(son)
Nilin Cartier-Wells(granddaughter)
Antoine Cartier-Wells(husband, divorced)
Citizenship Indian
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color
Hair Color
Career Information
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance Antoine's Journal
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Claudine Cartier-Wells is the second wife of Antoine Cartier-Wells, the mother of Charles Cartier-Wells and grandmother to Nilin. Claudine met Antoine some time before the 2030s in India where they were later married[1].


Claudine and Antoine’s relationship is suggested to be strained and without mutual affection. Claudine loves Antoine, however, her husband's inability to move past the death of his first wife, Molly, creates a rift between the two[1]. Antoine describes their marriage as “chemical” and a “partnership”, particularly when concerned with reproduction.

Claudine announces her pregnancy to Antoine on New Year’s Eve 2034, much to Antoine’s surprise. A year later, their son, Charles, is born[1]. However, despite his birth, Claudine can still see that her husband remains emotionally distant from both herself and their newborn son. Following the beginning of the European Civil War, Claudine and Antoine agree to divorce[1]. Antoine’s only major concern with the end result of their relationship was that he was given an heir in Charles and nothing more[1].


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