This action will have consequences

The interaction of choice and consequence is one of the main gameplay mechanics of Life is Strange. Throughout the game's episodes, the player is presented with choices at various points where Max Caulfield could resolve a situation in a number of ways. After these decision points, Max must deal with the consequences of her actions, to a great or minor extent.

Episode 1

Major Choices

Nathan and the Gun


Decision screen for reporting Nathan

The first decision (and first major decision) of Life is Strange involves Max reporting Nathan Prescott's gun usage or hiding the truth about it.

Victoria on the Steps


Decision screen for dealing with Victoria

The second major decision of Life is Strange involves Max deciding how to get past Victoria Chase on the steps of the Prescott Dormitory after getting Victoria covered in paint. Max can take a photo and mock Victoria or comfort Victoria.

Kate and David


Decision screen for Kate and David

The third major decision of Life is Strange involves the way Max deals with David Madsen confronting Kate Marsh outside of the Prescott Dormitory. Max can take a photo of the confrontation or intervene to help Kate.

Chloe's Weed


Stayed out decision screen for Chloe and the weed


In the closet decision screen for Chloe and the weed

The fourth and final major decision of Episode 1 of Life is Strange involves bifurcated sets of two choices--whether Max is able to hide in the closet in Chloe Price's room or not, and whether or not she takes the blame for Chloe’s weed.

Minor Choices

Daniel's Portrait

TX Min Daniel

Ms. Grant's petition

TX Min Grant

Kate's Slate

TX Min Slate

Alyssa #1

TX Min Alyssa

Lisa #1

TX Min Lisa

Dana's Pregnancy Test

TX Min Pregnancy

Victoria's Photos

TX Min Victoria

Dirty RV

TX Min Dirty

Bird #1

TX Min Bird

Chloe's snow globe

TX Min snowglob

Evidence in the garage


David's files

TX Min Files

Episode 2

Major Choices

Kate and the Police


Decision screen for telling Kate what to do

This decision occurs when Kate asks you how to deal with the aftermath of being drugged and something bad happening to her. Max can advise her to go to the police or to look for more proof.

Kate's Phone Call


Decision screen for Kate's phone call

After a lengthy scene where Chloe comes to accept Max's powers at the Two Whales Diner, the two head out, only to be interrupted by an incoming call from Kate. Max can either answer the phone call (despite Chloe's protestations) or ignore the phone call (going along with what Chloe wants).

Frank and the Gun


Decision screen for shooting at Frank

  • After some target practice with Chloe at the junkyard, Max passes out. Before Chloe can get Max to try shooting anything, Frank Bowers approaches and ends up threatening Chloe with a knife. Max points the gun at him, and can choose whether or not to pull the trigger.

Kate's Life


Kate on the rooftop

Who to Blame


Decision screen for placing blame in the principal's office

After Kate's suicide attempt, Max has the option to blame David, Nathan, or Jefferson for the attempt. A fan made diagram plots out what situations get Max, David, Nathan, or no one suspended, though Jefferson will always face the same consequences if blamed.

Minor Choices

Lisa #2

TX MinChoice E2 1A Plant

Alyssa #2

TX MinChoice E2 1A Alyssa

"Kate's Video"

TX MinChoice E2 1A KateLink


TX MinChoice E2 1B Taylor

Warren's Invite

TX MinChoice E2 1B WarrenApe

The Junkyard

TX MinChoice E2 3A WasHere

Train Tracks

TX MinChoice E2 3B Tampered

The Vortex Club

TX MinChoice E2 4B Courtney

Help Warren

TX MinChoice E2 4B Warren

Mr. Jefferson

TX MinChoice E2 4B Jefferson

Episode 3

Major Choices

Handicapped Fund


Decision screen for the handicapped fund

When Max and Chloe break into Principal Wells’ office, Chloe finds a an envelope containing $5000. Chloe wants to steal this fund to pay Frank back; Max can either stop Chloe from stealing the money or encourage her to do so.

Double Dare


Decision screen for Chloe's dare

When Max and Chloe wake up the morning after breaking into Blackwell, Max is hesitant to try on Rachel Amber’s clothes. In response, Chloe dares (then double dares) Max to kiss her.

Madsen vs. Price


Decision screen for the argument between David and Chloe

  • When David gets home to the sight of Chloe and Max, he starts a fight with them. Chloe starts to bring up David’s surveillance and paranoia, and he threatens to hit her via physical gesture. Max can side with David or Chloe in the argument.



Decision screen for throwing a bone for Frank's dog

While breaking into Frank’s RV, Max is given the choice to lure Frank’s dog Pompidou into the road or into the parking lot.

David's Gun


Decision screen for finding David's gun in Frank's RV

If Max didn’t fire the gun at Frank, she can find it in Frank’s RV. She can choose to leave it there or give it to Chloe

Minor Choices

Max's Plant

TX MinChoice E3 1A Plant

Warren's exam

TX MinChoice E3 2A WarrenExam

The Vortex Club party

TX MinChoice E3 3A AddNames

Tampering with The Vortex Club Party list

TX MinChoice E3 3A EraseNames

The Message

TX MinChoice E3 5B EraseMessage

Alyssa #3

TX MinChoice E3 6B WarnAlyssa

Homeless Woman

TX MinChoice E3 6B WarnHomeLess1

Photo to the Past

TX MinChoice E3 8A TakePhoto

Max's mark

TX MinChoice E3 8A WriteNote

Episode 4

Major Choices

Chloe's Request


The initial decision screen for alternate Chloe's request


The decision screen for alternate Chloe's request after choosing "I Don't Know"

After Max and alternate Chloe peruse a scrapbook together, Chloe reveals to Max that she is dying from her injury. Chloe asks Max to administer a lethal dose of morphine, so that Chloe's last memory will be having fun with Max.

Warren Fight


Decision screen for Warren's fight with Nathan

Just as Max shows Chloe Nathan's burner phone, Nathan bursts into the Prescott Dormitory. After Chloe begins to physically stop him going after Max, Warren shows up and starts beating Nathan to a pulp. Max can stop Warren or let him continue beating up Nathan.

Frank Confrontation


Max and Chloe confront Frank outside his RV

In the course of their search for clues about what happened to Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh, Max and Chloe realize that they need to decode Frank's logbook of drug transactions. They approach him on the beach in order to get the code from him. This confrontation can end peacefully, with Frank injured, or with Frank and Pompidou dead. A chart partially provided by DONTNOD gives a decent guide to the different ways the scene can play out, though the most useful segment is the final panel (displaying the different outcomes/how they come about) and the reactions listed for each dialog option.

Victoria and the Dark Room


Decision screen for Victoria at the party

While looking for Nathan at the End of the World Party, Max runs into Victoria, and talks to her about Kate, Nathan, and their interpersonal drama. After three rounds of conversation, Max has the opportunity to either warn Victoria about the Dark Room or change the subject to Nathan's location.

Minor Choices

The Blue Jay

TX MinChoice E4 3A SaveBird

Birds Nest

TX MinChoice E4 3B BirdNest

David's Code

TX MinChoice E4 3B Code

Help from Kate

TX MinChoice E4 3E KateHint

Motivate Daniel

TX MinChoice E4 5B DanielVortex

Warren's whiteboard

TX MinChoice E4 5A CuteMsgWarren

Nathan's PIN

TX MinChoice E4 3C PINCode

Alyssa #4

TX MinChoice E4 8B SaveAlyssa

Episode 5

Major Choice

Final choice


The last decision screen

On the cliff, Max is faced with the final choice of the game: does she sacrifice Chloe to let the residents of Arcadia Bay live, or does she sacrifice Arcadia Bay to spend her life with Chloe?

Minor Choices

Note: None of these choices are reflected in the final timeline.

David vs Jefferson fight

TX MinChoice E5 5D DavidScar

David to kill Jefferson

TX MinChoice E5 5D DavidKill

Trucker's life

TX MinChoice E5 5C Trucker

Evan's life

TX MinChoice E5 5C Evan

Alyssa's life

TX MinChoice E5 5C Alyssa

Fisherman's life

TX MinChoice E5 5C Fisherman

Joyce's mind about David

TX MinChoice E5 5C Joyce

The truth about Rachel

TX MinChoice E5 5C Frank

Max's relationship with Warren

TX MinChoice E5 5C Warren


  • Though the game indicates that there will be consequences when Max opens the cupboard in the garage, David does not bring it up and it is not listed at the end of Episode 1. The only consequences from opening the cupboard involve different dialog with Chloe at the lighthouse if Max turns on the CCTV.
  • Some actions can result in slightly different dialogue for certain conversation options, such as looking at the card from Kate's father in Episode 2 or talking to Frank about his photo of Rachel in Episode 3. Despite this, they are not indicated to have consequences when they initially occur.
  • TX MinChoice E4 5A NathanDoor
    An unused in-game choice graphic called TX_MinChoice_E4_5A_NathanDoor can be extracted from the game's files. It can be assumed that Episode 4 originally had a minor choice related to whether Max used her rewind powers in order to fix Nathan's room door or not.
    • Although this choice is not present in minor choices log, there is a consequence of it in game with Nathan sending Max an additional text message remarking on his room door being broken by her. This text is bugged however; in Episode 5, the Warren-dependent text will appear twice and the door text once, regardless of whether or not the player damaged Nathan's door.

See also

  • A "compendium of choices" from Life is Strange, for up to Episode 3 and within Episode 4, which is less detailed than this article and partially inspired its creation.

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