Throughout Life Is Strange Chloe Price is killed several times, either a consequence of her own actions or a pre-determined fate in the timeline. Several of Chloe’s non-canon deaths are either scripted events or game end-states that requires the player to restart the sequence. Chloe dies a estimated seven times in the entire game.


Blackwell Academy


Chloe is shot and killed in the bathroom

Chloe’s initial death in the girl’s bathroom of Blackwell Academy is avoidable in the instance that the player can do nothing to stop it from happening as it is a cinematic that triggers the awakening of Max Caulfield’s abilities as a time traveler.

When the player returns to the bathroom, there is a short period of time to prevent Chloe’s death using the hammer under the cart left behind by Samuel or they must restart the sequence again.

"Out of Time"


Chloe Death-01

Chloe after she shot herself with David Madsen's gun.

During the time Chloe is learning how to aim with David Madsen’s gun, after shooting the bumper of an old car, the bullet ricochets and hits Chloe in the chest nearest to her heart. The sequence will end, requiring the player to restart the sequence again. Shooting the bumper again will repeat the endstate of the sequence.


Chloe Death-02

Chloe is run over by the train

If Max fails to free Chloe from the railroad tracks, she will be killed by the train. The game cannot continue unless Max finds a way to tamper with the tracks or the junction box of the railroad to get Chloe out of harm’s way.

"Dark Room"

Euthanize Chloe

Main article: Chloe Price (Alternate)

Bullet to the Head


Epicenter of the Storm

Restoring the Timeline

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