Whenever Max Caulfield manipulates time or time travels, her subsequent actions result in the alternations of the original timeline. In an effort to save both Arcadia Bay and her best friend, Chloe Price, Max inadvertently creates different timelines wherein Chloe's fate plays a major part in its change.

Alternate Timeline

"Chaos Theory"

Max's determination to fix what Chloe believed the turning point of her life, the death of her father, William, led her to use the photograph she was given by Joyce to travel back in time. Back in 2008, a fourteen year old Chloe is spared the death of her father when Max hides his car keys and suggests that he take the bus to pick up Joyce.

Max's actions result in a alternate time where alternate Chloe lived a happy life with Joyce and William, but never met Rachel Amber.

"Dark Room"

Main article: Chloe Price (Alternate)
Kid Max and Chloe-05

Max makes a promise to young Chloe.

In 2010 Chloe was involved in a car accident and she is run off the road by a SUV driver. The accident resulted in the paralysis of her body, a consequence of crashing into a ditch. While the alternate Chloe still had the privilege of both of her parents, and minor contact with the alternate Max Caulfield she was dying slowly on account of respiratory failure.

When Max reacquainted herself with the new Chloe, she is eventually asked to end her life. Depending on Max's actions, she will oblige or refuse Chloe's request and erase the alternate timeline by allowing William Price to die after travel back to 2008. Before the original timeline was restored, Max promised the alternate Chloe that she would never abandon her again.

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