Chloe Entry

Chloe's Introduction page.

Chloe is the introduction entry for Chloe Price, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked after meeting Chloe in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

Chloe Price

Then there’s Chloe Price. What do you say to your best friend after five years of silence? After finding out you saved her life in a bathroom? NOTHING. I feel so lame for not staying in touch… or even text. I have no idea how to process seeing Chloe like this again. For one thing, she looks so similar but so different… She’s all grown up now, but it doesn’t seem like she’s only one year older than me.

I absolutely love her blue hair and punk clothes. It makes sense she would become a rebel. She still kinda looks like a pirate. Except one who stage dives. I know she’s angry with me because of her body language. I’m glad I can still see the old Chloe in there. Or is that the young Chloe? I’m sure she’s still messed up about her dad dying. I would be too. That was a terrible time for Chloe and Joyce.

I feel bad because I wonder if I was happy to move away just to avoid the grief… Speaking of grief, it’s clear she’s all mixed up with Nathan Prescott’s shit. I have no idea what’s going on between them, but I am going to find out, no matter what.


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