Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Charles Cartier-Wells
Chapter: Episode 7: Paradise Lost
Can be found: On a balcony over the white cabinets near Captain Trace's body
Transcript: A true scientific genius, the heir to the Cartier-Wells dynasty is tireless in his efforts to create a better future for humanity. The inventor of the Sensen, Charles now lives in the heart of Mnemopolis towers, his first community project based on the permanent sharing of the recollections and memory.

The son of Antione Cartier-Wells who founded Memorize back in 2012, Charles quite naturally continued his family’s research into the control of neural interfaces that made the company’s fortune. A brilliant scientist, young Antoine soon moved away from the financial management of his empire to concentrate on pure research. In spring 2064, he completed his father’s work on digitizing the human memory, thus triggering the age of the Sensen.

Charles Cartier-Wells was strongly criticized for handing over control of the family business over to his wife to focus on the modifications to and specific applications for the Sensen. He gradually retired from public life to devote himself to his work on sharing the human memory. The first experiments in his “in vivo” concept began in 2074 as a space for community life based on sharing of his residents memories. The ‘Mnemopolis’ project had a threefold objective: Architectural, technological and social experimentation.

Tucked away in the center of his device in an enclosed space called the Conception Cube, Charles Cartier-Wells continues to imagine an evolved humanity free of his old fears and ready to face the overwhelming challenges ahead.

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