Chapelle de la Braunt
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Political information
Sovereign state


Ruling body


Other factions


Historical information
Founded by

Felix Braunt[2]

Date founded

1764[2] (foundation),
2026[2] (renovation)

Date abandoned

September 20, 1977[2]

Additional information


The Chapelle de la Braunt[1][2] is a former psychiatric establishment formed by a architect named Felix Braunt. The Chapelle de la Baunt was built in a move to treat mental illness.


The Chapelle de la Braunt was founded in 1764 and designed by architect, Felix Braunt.[2] It was operational for over two hundred and thirteen years before it was decommissioned September 20, 1977. The Chapelle de la Braunt was known for its humanitarian treatment of its patients, among which were an author named Jean Henri Latude.[2]

At a later point in time, a section of the building once functioned as a chapel. However, in 2026, the walls of the chapel were knocked down, demolished with other areas that functioned as the kitchen, hallway and dining room areas for other uses that were undisclosed.[2]

In a revitalized Neo-Paris, The Gare Saint-Georges Upgrade runs nearby. New Baunt Station was almost directly beneath the remains of the Chapelle de la Braunt's southeast corner wall.[2]

Events of Remember Me: The Pandora Archive

When former bounty hunter turned Errorist Trix Dallaire and hacker Headcrash Logan inadvertently discover the Chapelle de la Braunt, Trix believes the former mental home is the storehouse of the "Pandora Archive"; a major information repository for the corporation Memorize.[1][2]

Down inside the Chapelle de la Braunt, they find a sterile environment full of patients tied down in chairs, being tormented. They escape and though they are able to send a transmission to Memory hunter, Nilin Cartier-Wells, Trix is arrested by S.A.B.R.E. Force while her partner, Headcrash Logan is fatally wounded during their capture.[1][2]


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