Burn It Down
Daughter - "Burn It Down"03:12

Daughter - "Burn It Down"

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"Burn It Down" is a original composition written by Daughter from Deck Nine Games's Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.[1] The track was previewed August 8, 2017 on Daughter's official YouTube account following the announcement of Music From Before The Storm.[2][3]


Always said I was a good kid
Always said I had with words
Never knew I could be speechless
Don't know how I'll ever break this curse
Now the world is only white noise
Frequencies that I can't understand
I can't be bothered with the teachers
Always trying to shape the way I act
Burn it down (x4)
I'll set fire to the whole place
I don't even care about our house
It's not the same in here since he left anyways
Burn it down (x4)
Mama told all of this is just a place we have to settle for
Less than anything we dream of
We'll continue to be distant
I feel down (x8)
Burn it down (x8)
Burn it (x2)

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