Brooke Scott
Biographical Information
Name Brooke Scott
Real Name
Full Name Brooke Scott
Known Aliases
Born  ???,
Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown (pink highlights)
Career Information
Occupation(s) Student at Blackwell Academy
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 1: Chrysalis"
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Dani Knights (unconfirmed)
Motion Capture

"I know... I get salty when things don't go my way. I'm selfish, while you go on a roof to help save your friend."
—Brooke to Max[3]

Brooke Scott is a student attending Blackwell Academy.



Max Caulfield encounters Brooke in the halls of Blackwell, preoccupied with controlling her drone from her cell phone. Outside on campus, Brooke is still playing with her drone, piloting it around the main grounds. When Max approaches her, Brooke assumes Max wants to fly her drone.

Inside the Prescott Dormitory, Max approaches Brooke's bedroom door and notices a mathematical formula written on her board and wonders why her friend Warren isn't "all over" Brooke.

"Out of Time"

The following morning, Brooke has left her bedroom and is mingling in the hall of the girls dorm with Juliet Watson. The two are watching the video of Kate Marsh intoxicated at the Vortex Club party. Brooke states that she didn't think Kate was the type of person to do the things she was seeing in the video. Juliet hesitantly argues that they shouldn't be watching the video, but Brooke doesn't see a problem and believes everyone at school has already seen it.

Approaching Brooke, Max asks her whether or not she saw the freak snowfall yesterday. Brooke admits that she was "riveted" by the snowfall, but not much else. Fishing more information, Max, admitting relatively naivety regarding science, asks if Brooke could explain how it happened.

Brook explains that not even meteorologists could figure out why it happened, but believes Warren would have a better idea. She asks if Max had spoken with him at all, Max assures Brooke that she will. Sarcastically, Brooke calls Max "lucky" and figures that Warren would "manage to track her down".

When Max runs into Warren outside of the girls dormitory, he asks her whether or not she wants to go to Newport with him to go see a Planet of the Apes film marathon.

Later at school, Brooke is hanging out in the science lab with Michelle Grant and Warren. Approaching Brooke in the lab, Max notices that Brooke appears to pretend as though she's "not there" and isn't sure why.

Brooke is present with most of the student body when Kate Marsh attempts or succeeds in her suicide at the top of girls dormitory. When Max freezes time, Brooke can be seen in the crowd with her arms up in front of her face and her face turned away from the moment when Kate jumped.

"Chaos Theory"

Later, while Max is exploring the girls locker room in the Blackwell Academy Gym, Max finds a poster advertising the American Drive-in Theater. Max deduces that Brooke wants to go to the drive-in at Newberg with Warren.

Alternate Timeline

When Max prevents Chloe Price's father, William, from dying in a car accident, she alters the timeline of her present. In her new present, Brooke is still attending Blackwell Academy. On Max's way to Chloe's house, Brooke is sitting on the right side of the bus when it stops. She gets up from her seat and looks out one of the windows on Max's side to regard the sight of three dead Humpback whales lying on the beach.

"Dark Room"




Not unlike Alyssa Anderson, Brooke keeps mostly to herself. A student of science and math, Brooke appears to involve herself with people she regards as intelligent, especially on the word of friends. She is especially harsh to uninformed individuals who assume or question why she has a drone.

One of Brooke's friends is Warren, who spoke highly of Max. Max assumes, because of their similar interests, that Brooke and Warren would be "perfect for each other". During a conversation with Alyssa, Alyssa will warn Max to be careful she doesn't make Brooke jealous with the time she spends with Warren. The following Max and Brooke's conversation in the dorm, Brooke is visibly passive-aggressive with Max whenever Warren is mentioned and around. Brooke's cold-shoulder behavior suggests that Brooke is jealous of Max's relationship with Warren because she has a crush or genuine feelings for Warren herself.


  • Brooke will not allow the player to use her drone unless they check her bag before speaking with her.[4][1]
  • Written on the counter where Brooke is standing in the science lab is "Warren + Alyssa 2013" surrounded by a heart. The message, presumably written by Brooke herself, suggests that Warren and Alyssa may have been in a relationship, or that Alyssa herself is interested in Warren.[2]
  • In the leaked build of "Out of Time", Kate states that Brooke would make fun of her for not being an atheist.[5][note 1] As this information was removed from the final release, it may be not be canon.


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  1. Max: "Brooke is your friend, isn't she?"
    Kate: "You are clueless Max. Brooke makes fun of me for not being an atheist. Maybe I am now..."


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