Juliet Paper 1

The Blackwell Totem issue as seen in "Chrysalis"

Juliet Paper 2

Readable Text version of the paper.

The Blackwell Totem is the student newspaper of Blackwell Academy.[1]



The Blackwell Totem was established 1898 in the nineteenth century, oddly enough, before the institution of Blackwell was established by Jeremiah Blackwell in 1910.[note 1][1]


The Blackwell Totem presumably functions presumably a typical student newspaper, covering school or university news, as well as local. Juliet Watson is one of the Totem's papers and often covers issues involving Blackwell Academy, such as the Vortex Club.[1]

Events of Life Is Strange

Some time before October 7, 2013, Juliet Watson published an issue of the Blackwell Totem covering the Vortex Club's history as a safe haven from bullies to a popular clique with a cult-esque status. One of the Vortex Club members, Victoria Chase, attempted to have the article censored, but it was published as Juliet authored.[1] Following the events of October 8, 2013, Juliet attempted to gather information on what drove fellow Blackwell student, Kate Marsh to attempt or commit suicide on the rooftop of the Prescott Dormitory.[2] She contacted the likes of Max Caulfield and Juliet Watson in the hopes of interviewing them in her search for answers surrounding Kate's bullying by the Vortex Club.[2]


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