Blackwell Academy Parking Lot

Max enters the parking lot

The Blackwell Academy Parking Lot is a location on the Blackwell Academy campus.[1]


Beyond the grounds of the Prescott Dormitory lay the Prescott Academy Parking Lot. The parking lot serves students who live on and off-campus.[1] During the events of October 7, 2013, Max Caulfield enters the parking lot to meet up with her friend Warren Graham, who'd been asking for the return of his flash drive he lent to her earlier in the week.[1]

When the two finally meet up, Max intended to confess to him about her ability to rewind time, but was arrival by Nathan Prescott, who demanded to know what she told Ray Wells after learning she was in the bathroom during his confrontation with Chloe Price.[1]

Earlier, at an unspecified time, Blackwell's head of security, David Madsen, was spying on Kate Marsh, on the stipulation that "knew something" about an incident that was investigating.


  • The parking lot contains over thirteen references to multiple popular television series from the UK and the United States hidden on the licence plates of cars parked in the envrionment.[2]
    • Warren's licence plates, "THXFLS", is a reference to the sci-fi drama The X-Files. Additionally, near the lighthouse, Max can approach a boulder with the message "Trust No One" spray painted on its face.




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