Max Journal-03

August 25, 2013: Return to Arcadia Bay.

August 25, 2013 is the third entry presented in Max's Journal in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

August 25, 2013

Shit is krazy here. I didn’t realize how much crap I had to pack until I had to pack all my crap. Mom and Dad are gettin’ a little too excited I’m clearing out my room. Tho I caught mom crying when she was packing my shirts.

That made me want to cry like a little girl. And never leave Seattle. So instead of packing, I feel like burning all my clothes, then just raiding a thrift store to build up a new Max wardrobe over my junior year. Not that I even have an old Max wardrobe.

Nobody will know me except for Chloe and who knows how different we are now. So I can cut my hair, get a tat and some piercings. Maybe date a cute foreign exchange artiste from Paris or Rome. I can do anything. Unless I get busted.

And there will be so many supercool chances for my photography to get exposed! Thinking about that is when I get scared, but excited. And then I don’t feel like crying at all. I get tingles down my arms, sensing the universe opening up for me. I can’t wait to leave.

I just want things to be… different at Blackwell.


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