Max Journal-02

August 18, 2013: Leaving Seattle.

August 18, 2013 is the second entry presented in Max's Journal in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

August 18, 2013

So this is it. I’m leaving Seattle to go back to Arcadia Bay. Usually people go to the High School closest to home. I suppose I am too, it’s just I haven’t lived there for 5 years. Out of all the best photography programs in the world, I choose to go to the smallest, back in a town I was excited about leaving.

Maybe I wanted to come back all along, just to see if Chloe and I are still even friends. But I do wish Chloe could have moved with us to Seattle… That city was made for her. When we would play pirates in our rooms and in the woods, it seemed like Seattle was that fabled faraway island of treasure and adventure that we were always seeking. With coffee shops.

But Seattle wasn’t like a fable. Au contraire. Now Blackwell Academy seems more exotic to me than any other place in the world. To study photography under Mark Jefferson... SIGH. Insert hearts and flowers. Plus there will be cool diverse students from everywhere. It won’t be like my high school now… I never really found a groove with my classmates. (Or boys…) I’m lucky I have a couple great friends here. But it’s time to ship out.

So maybe Arcadia Bay will actually turn out to be the island of treasure and adventure I’ve been looking for...


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