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Arcadia Bay Medical Center, also known as the Hospital, is a location in Life Is Strange. It serves as the local hospital for the community of Arcadia Bay, OR. If Kate survives her suicide attempt, it is glimpsed at in the ending of Episode 2: Out of Time and visited in Episode 4: Dark Room.


Events of Life Is Strange

If Kate Marsh was talked out of committing suicide by Max, then after being walked down from the roof with Max she is taken to the Arcadia Bay Medical Center by paramedics who arrived at the scene.[1]

At the hospital, Kate was greeted by flowers, balloons, and cards donated by worried and relieved relatives and fellow students. Kate finally began to feel like people care about her again. From this point on, Kate texted Max to thank her for talking her down from the Blackwell roof and encouraged Max to visit her in the hospital.[2][1][3]

On October 10th, Max visits the hospital with Chloe to see Kate before going to the Prescott Dormitory. While Chloe waits outside in the hallway, Max enters Kate's room and finds her there drawing. Kate expresses her appreciation to Max for all she has done and mentions that she wants to start a children's book about bullying, with Max providing the photographs. Following this, Max asks some more questions. Regarding Victoria, Kate says she believes in redemption and does not hold anything against Victoria even if her actions were less-than-nice. Regarding Nathan, Kate endorses Max's plans for revenge. When Max mentions trying to find Nathan's dorm number, Kate pledges to find the number for her.[3]

After she finishes visiting with Kate, Max leaves the hospital with Chloe to proceeded on to the Prescott Dormitory.[3]


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