Type: Technology
Subject: Zorn
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: Amongst the garbage in the alcove atop the stairs after the metro crash
Transcript: The AV-78 Horn of Jericho, the flagship technology of the Avram Hesh Laboratories, is a versatile and extremely robust public security robot routinely used by S.A'B.R.E. Force agents for surveillance and law enforcement duties. In situations of serious public disorder, its tactical deployment may extend to riot control and crackdown operations.

The AV-78 "Horn of Jericho," more commonly known as"Zorn" is a multi-function combat robot that was commissioned for public security and used to neutralize or eliminate hostile targets. As a surveillance device for law and order enforcement, the Zorn is distinguished by its strength, versatility and high level of autonomy, with an ability to make decisions that makes it a superb bodyguard, sentinel, or bounty hunter.

The AV-78 was conceived and created to operate in densely populated urban areas to ensure the safety of both locations and people, its attack techniques are therefore programmed to minimize the risk of collateral damage and injury to any citizens or passers-by within its intervention radius. Its tactical programming is such that it favors one-to-one combat operations and, when deployed, the Zorn's solid armor allows close engagement with the target, allowing it to exploit its size and power to swiftly put any opponent out of action.

Enforcers in the S.A.B.R.E. Force often use AV-78s for site surveillance. Zorns are also useful in situations of civil unrest, riots, terrorist threats, and other major incidents. Although the AV-78 Horn of Jericho isn't a combat robot, it can prove extremely effective when deployed in sufficient numbers against heavily armed enemies, to counter serious threats, or to carry out repressive measures deemed too sensitive or dangerous for humans.

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