Type: Technology
Subject: Valet Robot
Chapter: Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Can be found: At the end of the right corridor after the Nephilim battle in the prison courtyard
Transcript: Initially designed to provide personal services, Valets are humanoid, multitasking robots that can now carry out site surveillance and maintain public safety. Developed by Avram Hesh Laboratories, this model was a perfect answer to the need for personal security in an urban environment.

The first Valet emerged from a robotics program applied to personal protection and automated security technologies, its sleek design and physical proportions is an adult human with a serene face were selected for their psychological effect. The owner is reassured by the sense of clam emanating from the Valet, and its resolute and assured bearing is likely to deter potential attackers.

The main advantage of this machinery is the relatively low cost of manufacture which has led to mass production and the replacement of human agents by Valets in many thankless patrol and guard duties, site surveillance. and access control. Designed for private use, these robots are programmed to never injure or attack a human under any circumstances.

Two models were specifically developed for guard and public security duties: the AV-48S "Seraphim," flying models generally used for site surveillance, and the AV-48N "Nephilim" models for riot control and emergency situations. Unlike the standard models, these two products are authorize to use force against any individuals considered hostile.

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